Palm Canyon Ripples

Today I'm sharing the newest shortcut quilt from the Fat Quarter Shop: Jelly Roll Ripples.  I fell in love with the Palm Canyon collection the first time I saw it, so it was easy to pick the fabric for this quilt.  The Fat Quarter Shop even suggested coordinating solids for the collection so it was easy to pick one of those as well - Kona Ultra Marine.  Finally, I picked Widescreen in Geranium by Carolyn Friedlander to go on the back because it reminded me of the background of the palm tree fabrics in collection.

This is a jelly roll pattern so the cutting goes very quickly.  I've never made a log cabin block before, but I pieced them in pairs so I could chain piece all the parts and they went together quickly as well.  The biggest problem I had was letting go of directionality - normally I try very hard to make all pieces go in the same direction, but with a jelly roll you don't have that freedom.  In the bird fabric below, I used some of the extra to piece the longer st…

Temperature Quilt Check-In: Four Rows!

The first four rows of my temperature quilt are done!  Yesterday marked the 72nd day of the year, meaning we are 20% of the way through 2018.  Making a quilt like this does seem to make the days go by faster, but I look forward to making a new block each morning.

The most exciting block is the one with my first green outer square, a day where the low temperature was only 34 degrees.  I cannot wait until the first little bit of yellow pops up to let us know spring is here!

And here are the first four rows all together:

Magnolia Mystery Quilt

Every year, Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs hosts a mystery quilt quilt-along.  I made her 2015 quilt and regretted not making her 2016 quilt, so I was very excited to try my hand at the 2017 version, the Magnolia Mystery Quilt.  I decided to go with a Christmas theme and use up some of the fabrics from my holiday stash.

Cheryl does a great job of laying out the requirements for the quilt, letting you know how much of each color you'll need and which fabrics touch each other.  I decided to use red as my background with a light green, dark scrappy green, and red on white print.  September started off with a lot of half-square triangles.

October was a little more intense: half-flying geese blocks!  Flying geese are my nemesis, but I used them as leaders and enders, trimming as I went along, so it didn't seem like as much work.  This is where the mystery part of the quilt comes in handy - had I just looked at this pattern I probably wouldn't have made it just because of the sh…

One Quilty Goal - March 2018

I'm working on some secret sewing at the moment so I'm going to keep my March goal simple: I want to finish my Release the Kraken quilt top.  This was a block-of-the-month quilt put together by Quarter Inch of Quirk and I kept up right until the end, except for December.  It was one of those projects where I wished I had the next month's pattern as soon as I finished the previous month's, and I'm not really sure why I haven't gotten back to it.

Not only do I have most of the months done, I even have them assembled.  Here's the bottom two-thirds of the quilt:

And here's the moon for the top section:

I just need to make a handful of stars and then it's a finished top!

Linking up at Elm Creek Quilts for One Monthly Goal.

February Minikins

My February monthly goal was to make two bags, and I finished them both!  Both of the bags on my list are from the Minikins series by Sew Sweetness, bags that are intended to be sewn in a single sitting.  I'm happy to say that this is the case.

The first bag that I made was the Jetset Cinched Bag.  I was able to simplify the pattern by not making the mesh pocket that goes around the inside.  This bag is for my five-year-old son's marbles so it wasn't necessary.  It's also about four times larger than it needs to be - visualizing the size of a finished bag is not one of my strengths.

If I were to make it again, I wouldn't use the foam interfacing all the way to the top - I'd stop about an inch down and just use a lighter interfacing or make the contrast band bigger.  The thick foam makes it so that the bag doesn't cinch tight - not ideal for marbles!  Luckily this stays next to his marble run toy so he can still use it.  He's thrilled with it, especially…

More Slow Projects

Besides the Harry Potter Bookcase and Temperature Quilt, I have two more projects that I consider "slow".  These are quilts that I still like and want to make but for various reasons just don't have the motivation sit down and actually crank out.  Both of the projects in this post are on my 2018 Quilty Goals list and were carried over from 2017.  Coincidentally, they are both quilts that require nine blocks and I just finished the fifth block of each - maybe there's hope that at least one will be done this year!

The first is my Sudoku quilt - nine six inch blocks featuring the color orange.  This one tends to sit until I'm inspired by a block that seems to want to be included.  I saw this block last fall and stitched it up in January:

Here are the five blocks all together (I do have nine of each one).  I'm not sure my color scheme is cohesive - I'll have to pay attention to tie it all together when I sew the last four blocks together.

The second is my He…

Finished Rows in Slow Quilts

The first two rows of my temperature quilt are done!  This has been such a relaxing project so far; I'm focusing on putting my phone down in the mornings and taking five minutes to sew the previous day's block, normally with whatever else I'm working on as leaders and enders.  I think my favorite part of this project is that I'm joining the blocks as I go along. This means at the end of the year I'll have an entire quilt top, not a bunch of blocks that still need to be joined together!

I've also been working on my Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt.  This is another slow project that I am hoping to finish this year.  I had all the patterns for blocks four and five printed off and I rearranged them a bit before sewing them together.  I also added the book pile under Harry's glasses - putting them right on the shelf seemed like such a wasted opportunity!

Both of these are long and skinny so I just took a single photograph of them together:

You can also see I decided…

Moda Matchbox Quilt Number Eight

One of my favorite items in my monthly Sew Sampler Box from 2018 was the Mini Matchbox Quilt Kit. I even got the yellow churn dash one, which was my favorite out of all the available patterns. But once I made it and hung it on my quilt wall, I thought it looked a little lonely. So when the last round of "get your quilty wishes granted" started circulating on Instagram I requested my second-favorite kit and was lucky enough to get it!

I was a little braver with the second one, hand-quilting it entirely in the contrasting color as the pattern recommended.  I did, however, break and used a bright blue binding instead of the included yellow binding.  I liked how the first one had a red binding and I wanted this one to have its own color.

In my first post, I promised a picture of the whole wall, so here it is!  This wall is always changing based on my current mood and newest makes and it's not all of my mini quilts by far - the rest are scattered around my house.  I've…

One Quilty Goal - February 2018

I love the idea of sewing bags, and I love my finished hand-made bags - case in point this beautiful Polaris Bag that is my regular handbag.  It's the perfect size to carry everything I need on a daily basis and fits extras when required.  I extended the strap so it's a cross-body; with three boys I need to have two hands free!

But it always takes a kick in the pants for me to actually get started on a new bag. I think it has to do with applying the interfacing - my least favorite part and the first step in making a bag.  So for February, I want to sew the two bags that have been on my to-sew list for a while.  Both of them are from the Sew Sweetness Minikins line.

The first is a second Cotton Candy pouch, this one in pineapple fabric!  I use the one I made back in October to hold my cross-stitch floss and I love that it stands up like a little fabric box when it's unzipped.  This is going to the same friend who got the pineapple table runner last summer.

The second is th…

Rainbow I-Spy Quilt

Do you ever see a quilt and just know that you have to make it?  That's what happened with the Rainbow I-Spy quilt from the Fussy Cutter's Club book!  I saw the picture and thought, "Hmm...I bet I could do that with my stash."  And as it turns out, I did (almost)!

I spent most of December and the first week of January just cutting out charms, systematically going through my entire stash to find the ones that I needed.  I cheated just a little bit, asking for some of the colors I was short on (purple and green) in my quilt guild's Secret Santa exchange.

Once I had all my charms cut out, I enlisted the help of my best randomizers: my kids!  They helped me sort the charms from darkest to lightest in each color group and we laid them out on the floor.  It turned out that two of the charms I'd cut didn't really play nice with the others and I was short a pink charm, but once I got over that hump all three of us were pretty excited.

Anyone who has an eagle eye…