Gypsy Wife Progress

I am completely obsessed with this quilt and it's hard to ignore even if I want to, as I have it laid out across my sewing room floor right now.  I don't have a design wall so whatever I'm working on is always front and center and keeps me walking around the edges of the room.  I love puzzling out how to fit things together and since I'm ahead I decided to start making some of the smaller blocks and piecing together sections where I can.

I started off by sorting through a set of charms I got in a recent swap and deciding which ones I wanted to incorporate into my quilt - the small size made them perfect for cutting out various filler blocks.

I also used one of them in the October block from my Release the Kraken quilt:

And then there was this one.  No idea what the fabric is, but I couldn't bear to cut it at all so it became a version of week 13's Courthouse Steps block:

Finally, one of the large diamond blocks.  This bike fabric is not a charm, just a fat quar…

Halloween Cobblestone Quilt

I've wanted to make a Halloween quilt for the past couple of years (and even made a cute ghost mini quilt last year) and after weeks of looking at all the spooky Halloween quilt progress pictures on Instagram I decided this is my year!  The lovely ladies at The Fat Quarter Shop sent me a fat quarter bundle of Hocus Pocus to make their new Cobblestone quilt pattern.
I started off in the kids' playroom playing the game of "arrange the fat quarters so no two colors and patterns touch each other".  It's a fun but frustrating game, especially when switching two pieces around means you have to make four more switches to keep the rules going, but I did come up with a layout that I liked.  I put the eyeballs right in the middle because they were what attracted me to this bundle in the first place!

After I was happy with the layout I started cutting.  Only three big rectangles from each piece of fabric so it went really quickly!  It's pieced in strips, which also was ve…

Perfect Pocket Pillow

My newest pattern is here: The Perfect Pocket Pillow!  This pattern is based on a tooth fairy pillow that I made my oldest son years ago - almost a full year before he actually lost a tooth in fact.  It's a quick 30-minute project that makes it easy for the tooth fairy to find that tiny tooth in the middle of the night.

The finished pillow is 6"x6", with a 2"x2" pocket on the front, the perfect size to hold both a tooth and a dollar bill.  The big pocket on the back is 5"x6", big enough to hold just about anything!

The front is made from 2.5" strips, so it's a great way to use up extra jelly roll strips of a favorite fabric line!

After I'd sewn up a few tooth fairy versions I decided to sew one up in Christmas fabrics just to see how it would look as an Advent Calendar.  You can slip a magnet inside the pocket, then use another magnet on the front to count down the days!  The big pocket on the back has room for that day's sweet treat…

Gypsy Wife Weeks 9 and 10

Two more blocks made in my Gypsy Wife quilt and I am officially ahead!  These blocks came almost entirely from my scrap bin, which was one of my goals for this quilt that I don't always pay attention to.

First, I made next week's Half Square Triangle Block, block 10.  The light gray fabric is from the back of my Moda Building Blocks quilt and I've been looking and looking for the perfect project to use it on.  When I saw it sitting in the scrap bin with this orangy print I knew it was the right match!  The pattern actually calls for two of these blocks, but because of the giant sloth mine will have in the middle I only need one.

Next, I went a little crazy with Week 9's Nurse's Cross Block.  I started with that center square as a scrap from another project I was working on and built off of it for the rest of it.  I really like the two different fabrics making up the "X" in the center.  The purple and yellow swirl fabric is also from the back of a quilt an…

Football Quilt Like Teddy's

Way back in April 2015, my youngest informed me that his teddy bear needed a football quilt.  I'm always up for a mini quilt and Molli Sparkles had recently posted a football block that I wanted to try so I jumped right in.  It turned out adorable and his teddy bear loved it!

Fast-forward two-ish years to when he informed me that he needed a "football quilt like Teddy's".  This sounded like a fun challenge to me, so off we went.  We finished the second block today, which looks quite similar to the original one in style but varies quite a bit in fabric selection (his favorite part!).

Here they are together.  It's a pretty good match!

This is going to be a pretty simple big block quilt.  I am still hopeful that we can finish it before the football season ends, it just depends on how much time he's willing to spend sewing with me. All of the blocks are being sewn with him in my lap.  The first block is even bigger and comes from Lori Holt's new Spelling Bee boo…

Gypsy Wife Week 8

Week 8 is Puss in the Corner and the first week where two blocks are required.  I had fun changing the fabric placement in them to make them appear to be different patterns:

The alligator block looks like a chunky little churn dash, one of my favorite blocks!  The surfers' colors follow the placement from the pattern - don't they look like they are getting ready to go catch a wave?  I'm getting antsy to start piecing this together; I might even finish it ahead of schedule!

Gypsy Wife Catch-Up: Blocks 5, 6, 7

I've been busy with a project with a deadline and fell behind on my blocks.  But, I'm done now and back to making blocks for my individual quilt-alongs!  Here are the next three blocks for the Gypsy Wife Quilt:

I even went a little above and beyond - I got out my coloring sheet and figured out how the blocks I've made already will fit together with the addition of the sloth.  Then I headed to my local quilt shop to pick out a white to stripe with the black I'm using from my stash (shown below the sloth) and even worked ahead on a few blocks.  I'm very excited to see this all come together - I can't wait to start assembling it!

Range Quilt

Another month, another quilt!  The finish of this quilt crept over into September, but only hand-stitching the final binding and the photographing was done in September so I'm still going to call that a win.  The Range quilt was one I knew I had to make as soon as I saw the pattern by Modern Handcraft!

As far as things go, this quilt was pretty speedy.  I bought the pattern in November of last year, then spent a bunch of time determining the color spectrum I wanted to use in April of this year and bought the fabric (all Kona solids).  My goal was to make it look like a mountain sunset.

Then I spent two evenings in August stitching it up.  I decided to take the time to do the math and cut each color wedge as a single piece instead of doing the smaller wedges and rectangles the pattern called for and I'm happy with the result - fewer seam lines and a faster sew.  I glued my template to the cardboard from a cereal box and then used my add-a-quarter ruler to cut a straight line (I…

Gypsy Wife Mash-Up: Week 4

For week four, Hope from Hartford, I wanted to use these fish but they were too big for the corner rectangles.  With a little bit of fussy cutting I came up with a solution that I'm pleased with - you see the triangles first and the fact that they are fish second!  The rest of the colors are inspired by the color of those tiny triangles.

Next week I'll share week five along with some updates I made to the sloth and a fun picture of all the blocks together so far.

Gypsy Wife Mash-Up: Pattern Number Two Is...

Week three of the Gypsy Wife quilt-along and I've substituted the heart for a pattern by one of my favorite designers: Elizabeth Hartman's Sleepy Sloth!  I can't resist her cute animal patterns!

I feel like I really took a chance with the tree fabric - I wasn't sure how the stripes would hold up but I'm very happy with how it looks!  Note to self: next time you make this quilt block, don't use a directional print for the tree!  I'm sure that would make the whole thing a lot easier!  Of course, I told myself the same thing after I made it the first time and I didn't listen so there's probably no hope.
Just for fun, here's the pillow I made with this pattern in April for a swap:

The Grunge Basics line is my absolute favorite for fur!  I love how a light patch just happened to end up on the tummy of the blue sloth.  And now I'm eagerly waiting to make next week's block for this quilt.