Something Magical

Almost two years ago, my husband's aunt asked me if I had seen that there was a Harry Potter themed quilt along starting soon.  I hadn't, but I quickly looked it up, fell in love, and then realized my plate was a little too full at the time.  I stuck the idea on my "someday" list and mostly forgot about it.

And then, as I was adding a new quilt to my quilt log last month, it hit me that I was approaching my 100th quilt.  I immediately decided it had to be something special and fun and just for me, so I pulled out my "someday" list and the Harry Potter quilt immediately caught my eye.  I've loved Harry Potter forever and my boys are very into him too: reading the books, watching the movies, playing the board game, and running around casting spells on each other.  Game over.  This is what I was making.  So I ordered some Moda Grunge in Sugar Cookies (Grunge is my current favorite for background fabrics) for the background and eagerly awaited its arrival.

Cotton and Steel Photography Mini

I am almost done with a year-long swap; each month we get a new partner to send a little something to.  This month, I got a partner who loves Cotton+Steel fabric and photography.  I've been obsessed with Polaroid blocks for a long time, but never actually made anything with them so I decided it was a great time to go digging in my C+S scrap box and get making!

I ended up with six Polaroid blocks, some with older prints and some with newer prints.

Next up was a camera block I've been wanting to make for a long time, from Lori Holt's Spelling Bee book.  I think the sparkly fabric makes the perfect lens!

And then I just had to put it together.  I had an idea in my head and it came out pretty close to what I imagined!  I added a little fancy quilting to dress it up and I had just enough of the Gamaguchi fabric to bind it!

The only non-Cotton and Steel fabric in the whole thing is the plain white Kona I used in the Polaroid blocks.  I hope my partner likes it!

The Second Cobblestone Quilt

I hinted that I was starting another Cobblestone quilt and here it is! This time I borrowed my mother-in-law's 16.5 inch square ruler, which made the cutting go even faster. I also rotated all my fat quarters 90 degrees from the diagrams in the pattern, which led to larger left-over pieces.

Just like last time it was a fun puzzle to get all the pieces arranged so like colors and patterns didn't touch.  But once I got it done, it sewed up quickly:

The quilting was even faster - I just used a simple meander all over the top:

The back is a teal and navy herringbone that I picked up on sale.  It calms down the front just enough and the pink thread disappears nicely:

I made my binding and used my Binding Baby to guide it while I sewed it on. This is one of my favorite sewing notions! She reminds me of a giant Little People person, the fun kind we had in the 80s, not the weird ones they make now. When I'm not using her, she's a great shelf decoration. And I love that …


The past couple of weeks have been taken up with First Lego League (the team I coached won at regionals!), cross-stitching (because I'm so tired from all the FLL stuff I just want to crash on the couch), and sewing a second Cobblestone quilt, which is currently stuck in hand-binding limbo (because I keep choosing to cross-stitch instead!).

Out of necessity, I did make it down into my sewing room to sew up a quick bow-tie for my son's wax museum costume.  All the fourth graders dress up as historical figures and give "recorded" speeches about themselves.  My son was Thomas Edison and I just know that if Edison was alive today his kids or grandkids would give him a crazy lightbulb novelty bowtie:

While I was down there, I did get sucked into a few easy quilt blocks.  I put together a few of the blocks for the Magnolia Mystery Quilt - I'm loving these cute little flowers and really hope they are put into the final quilt on-point.  And if not on-point, I'm debati…

Gypsy Wife Hiatus

We're into November now and my mind has turned to Christmas!  I am hoping to make several Christmas gifts this year: two quilts, a table runner, a pillow, and maybe a couple of small bags.  Since the Gypsy Wife quilt is just for fun (and I am still a bit bored with picking out all the colors) I've decided to get it to a place that I'm mostly happy with and then set it aside for a while while I work on something new.
So I made a few filler blocks:

And then got the entire top left and a bunch of the bottom left sewn together:

I suppose in a perfect world, I would have finished the bottom middle too so that that was all one piece under the sloth and they could be joined, but as you can see in the bottom right corner I've already moved on to another project and I needed the floor space to lay it out.  I'm looking forward to coming back to this one later with a fresh eye - I'm sure it'll go together quickly then!

September Squares Project

In August, my quilt guild had a local graphic designer come and speak to us about her design process.  One of the things that immediately struck me was a personal project that she did charting the clothing she wore over the course of a month.  I immediately decided to do a similar thing with my fabric.  So in September, I cut out a 1.5" square of every single fabric I used and threw it in a bin.  I also cut two pieces that were 1.5"x3.5" to represent the two bindings I sewed on and one piece that was 3.5"x3.5" to represent the back of a quilt that I quilted.

Once the month was over they sat for a little bit until I finally sewed them together into a blob, then added some fun quilting to give it a lot of personality:

The quilting makes a grid through the squares, with swirls at the ends.  I used lots of different thread colors in whatever felt right - there's no pattern and I may have used up a few bobbins in the process (as well as buried a ton of ends!). …

Freshly Picked Table Runner

During my Wednesday morning run I decided I needed a quick and easy project.  I had plenty of time to think about it while I was running (let's be honest: most of my run time is spent thinking about quilting!) and decided to make the Freshly Picked table runner that came in my September Sew Sampler box.

I chose this because I liked the look of the finished table runner but also because it was a little bit of a stretch for me - I rarely work with florals.  I started by separating out the charm pack of The Good Life that was included and "harvesting" the charms that looked like something I would use in other projects.  The white hearts on navy went to my box of I-Spy fabrics and the stripes got thrown in with my Varsity charm packs.  After taking the duplicates out, I was a few charms short, but luckily I had a few floral prints laying around that fit right in.  The whole thing went together easily in a couple of hours.

I pieced the back using my green fabric that's n…

New Favorite Pouch

Today I am sharing my new favorite pouch pattern!  I was lucky enough to do some testing for Sara over at Sew Sweetness and I made this little beauty:

This is the Cotton Candy pouch from her new line of Minikins.  I love that the sides are made from foam so that when you unzip it it's like a mini cube that you can see everything inside it.

I've been holding onto the fabric I used for the lining for a long time.  It's an Alexander Henry print with a lot going on and I could never bear to cut it up - I'm so glad to have found the perfect use for it!  This is also my best-fitting lining ever!  It's a little pinched at one end because I used a zipper I had on hand and it was two inches shorter than what the pattern called for.  If you follow the instructions you won't have this problem.

I normally give my kids my tester bags because I don't like something about them, but I'm keeping this one for myself.  Right now it's housing all of my cross-stitch flo…

Moda Matchbox Quilt Number Two

This was a fun little surprise in my September Sew Sampler Box - a Moda Matchbox Quilt kit!
I had no idea this was even a thing so I was pleasantly surprised.

The whole thing (including backing, batting, binding, and instructions!) came on a single panel, so I got some bonus texty low-volume fabric that can be used in other projects too. It's my first time hand-quilting anything and I really enjoyed it.  This is a tiny 6"x6" Mini Mini Quilt, and it's going to fit perfectly into a hole on my mini quilt wall that I've been wondering how to fill.  I've got one more mini to finish up and then I'll share a picture of the whole wall.

Gypsy Wife Doldrums

I'm at the low point in this quilt.  The point where it's getting annoying to have to pick out fabric for each block because I'm worrying too much about if I've used a certain piece of fabric before and how balanced all my rainbow colors are.  I may have even been avoiding it because I'm not wanting to think quite so hard.  That said, I've completed a few smaller side projects and it's time to jump back in and make some progress on this one!

Block 11 is Old Maid's Puzzle and I'm not a huge fan of the block.  The asymmetricalness of it just doesn't appeal to me - maybe I'd like it better if it wasn't a stand-alone block in a sampler quilt.  I also think my green background is a little too bright, but I love my purple lemurs (?) and black and white striped fabric.

I also made a couple of tiny (2.75") diamond filler blocks.  I haven't determined where they'll go in the final layout, but I had the fabric for the centers left ove…