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Calendar Colorbox

Another one of my 2016 quilt-alongs is finished!  This one is the 2016 Sugar Block Club hosted by Amy Gibson .  Each month, Amy released a new block and each month I stitched it up from scraps using a single color.  A few of the blocks involved applique and I did alter those to be pieced instead - applique hasn't won me over yet! I had a lot of fun choosing the colors to suit each month.  I tried to stay within my self-imposed rule that each month's fabric could only have white as an accent color, with a little leeway for July to give it the right patriotic feel. I wanted the quilt to move a little bit, so I bordered each block in a solid to match its theme, but then didn't center each block in its square.  This keeps it interesting and let me use up scraps of all sizes in the border.  Each block is then quilted in a matching color.  My goal here was to use whatever design felt right and also to try and quilt the entire block with a single continuous piece of thr