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Ready for Christmas In July!

A finished Christmas quilt!  I've been spending a lot of time this year finishing up my quilt-along quilts from 2016 and when I came across this stack of Christmas tree blocks I decided they needed to get done as well! I made these in October 2015 from the book Winter Wonderland by Sherri Falls .  I had also already made the car, an adaptation of a block from the Snapshots quilt-along that Greg Jones of Grey Dogwood Studio  came up with.  With all the harder pieces done, it seemed silly to let it sit any longer so I got to work. This quilt is a scrap-buster; all of the trees and churn dashes are various fabrics from my stash.  Speaking of churn-dashes, these are an improvisation: the pattern called for four-patches but I couldn't find a fabric I liked in my stash to contrast with the red.  Luckily 2015 me way over-bought the background fabric so I was able to adapt the pattern without running out of fabric.  The tree trunks all match and are from a single piece of s