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2021 Recap and 2022 Planning

Another year is done!  It's time to take a look back at what I've accomplished and start planning for 2022.  I finished 22 quilts this year and only left 3 hanging (one is a stalled out quilt-along, one is an active quilt-along, and one is at the quilter's right now).  I also exceeded my goodreads reading goal, used my season pass to our local amusement park a dozen times, and my family played all 167 board games we own over 1,000 times (every person didn't play every time).  So it's been a great year for hobbies! 2021 Goal Recap 1. Quarterly Pattern Releases.  I came pretty close on this one!  I released three patterns and wrote three tutorials. 2. Quarterly WIP Goals.  I ended up skipping this one.  Oops.  I decided I liked working more free-style and have no regrets, especially since I did finish a large number of old and new projects. 3. Untouched in 2020.  I had four WIPs that were untouched in 2020 and I wanted to touch each of them this year.

2021 Monthly Recap: December

Another year done!  Like always, December was a slow sewing month for me - I just wanted to sit in front of the Christmas tree and bake cookies.  But I was finally able to share some secret sewing and finish up a few lingering projects that I didn't want to carry with me into 2022. Quilt Tally WIP List at beginning of month: 12 WIP List at end of month: 12 Untouched in 2021: 3 Active QAL Projects: 2 Kid Projects: 2 Quilts Finished None. Quilts Started None. Quilt Progress (5 WIPs touched) Macaron Mystery Quilt - All caught up again!  The November and December blocks have a slightly different vibe from the September and October ones, but that's just the difference between pink and green. I'll tie them together with the filler background blocks - excited to see what we are going to do with 120 flying geese blocks! Harry Potter QOD  - I did finish the bottom shelf of my bookshelf! I had it out from the Rita Skeeter block and just went right ahea

Zephyr Quilt-Along Announcement

Are you ready to smash your stash? I had so much fun with the Bernie's Mittens Quilt-Along I've decided to host another one for Zephyr !  If your New Year's Resolution is to clear out your stash, this is the perfect quilt for you!  Zephyr was designed to use up large pieces of fabric so it clears out big hunks of fabric quickly.  The blocks in the rainbow version above use almost a full fat quarter and the blocks in the smaller quilt use almost a full fat eighth.  All those pieces that you've cut into a little bit here or there will work perfectly for this quilt pattern.  And the half blocks on the side use even less so smaller scraps can be used up as well! The Zephyr pattern includes instructions for five different sizes, but at the beginning of the quilt-along I'll have a tutorial for scaling the pattern however you want, whether it's using 8" rails in the throw size quilt or making a quilt that ends up being a

Bernie's Mittens QAL: The Finished Bernie!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for joining me in my first-ever quilt along!  I hope you had as much fun as I did!  My quilt-along version of Bernie is my favorite Bernie, but I always say that when I finish a new version of a quilt. I took the picture in the same spot I've taken all of my Bernie pictures.  These amphitheater remind me of the picture of Bernie Sanders that inspired this quilt pattern so there's no need to reinvent the wheel each time I finish a new version. I've talked at length about my fabric selection before - the main fabric is Memories by Cecile Metzger for FIGO fabrics and the accent is Chalk and Charcoal in Rose by Jennifer Sampou .  We play a lot of board games in our house (we finished our family challenge to play all 172 games we own in 2021 before Thanksgiving), and the tiny playing card suits spoke to me as soon as I saw this fabric.  From a distance they just look like flecks in yarn.  Plus the soft neutral colors fel