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2022 Monthly Recap: October

Happy Halloween!  October was a very successful quilting month for me: I finished both of my quilty gifts on time and made excellent progress on my many on-going projects.  I'm not planning on any major handmade gifts for Christmas so my focus for the last two months of the year will be clearing things out of my WIP list so I have a cleaner slate going into next year. Quilt Tally WIP List at beginning of month: 14 WIP List at end of month: 12 Untouched in 2022: 5 Active QAL Projects: 3 Quilts Finished Piano Scarf (September 2022) Epic Rainbow Bowtie Quilt (September 2022) Quilts Started None. Quilt Progress (6 WIPs touched) Just My Type  - The top is pieced! I'm planning on custom quilting this one, so it won't be a quick finish, but I should still have it done by the end of the year.   Black and White Kinship  - This QAL just flew by - there are only eight more blocks to make!  I finally decided on a sashing fabric

Epic Rainbow Bowtie Quilt

My dear, sweet cousin is due with her first baby on Christmas Eve and last weekend we celebrated with a baby shower.  The weather was unseasonably warm and we were able to sit outside and talk and talk for hours.  Many family members flew in from out-of-town and we had such a lovely time.  Of course, I had to make a baby quilt for her! This scrappy beauty is based on the pattern by Heritage Threads in Issue 22 of Make Modern magazine . I shrunk the blocks down because it was a baby quilt, which also gave me the advantage of being able to use mini charms for some of the "white" squares.  Some of the white fabrics do repeat, either the same pattern in different color ways or multiple of the exact same fabric, but never any too close together.  They have not shared the baby's name yet, but the "M" represents their last name. Since this is a winter baby, I backed the quilt in a yellow flannel print.  Yellow is my cousin's favorite color, so I quilted it in yell

Bear Piano Scarf

My son recently started taking piano lessons and for his birthday I decided to deck out the top of his piano with a scarf, piano light, and framed photo of his favorite stuffed friend, Teddy. I dug through my stash for all the bear prints I could find, and added in some "One Fish, Two Fish" fabric as an inside joke.  I even found an orphan bear block from the Fancy Forest quilt I made  back in 2016.  There's no real pattern to this as I sized it to the top of the piano (9 3/8" inches tall so lots of fun math!).  Here's a picture of the top and back of it together since it's hard to photography something long and skinny. I did a simple meander with the quilting since I know it's going to be covered with "stuff" almost all of the time.  This was a fun, quick mini project and my son loved all the bright colors and bear prints.  He also got plenty of tween-appropriate gifts that weren't handmade by his mom!