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2022 Monthly Recap: June

It's hard to believe that I haven't finished a quilt since April!  I started off this month strong, but once school ended it was all getting kids packed and unpacked, doing laundry, running them from place to place, and just general Mom time.  When I did have time to myself, I chose to bike, logging over 150 miles.  I will  have at least one finish next month - one quilt is quilted and just waiting for a binding! Quilt Tally WIP List at beginning of month: 13 WIP List at end of month: 13 Untouched in 2022: 5 Active QAL Projects: 1 Quilts Finished None! Quilts Started None!   Quilt Progress (6 WIPs touched) Just My Type - I'm caught up on all my letters and hope to finish the alphabet next month! One, Two, Tree - This is pretty much the only thing I worked on in the second half of the month. Despite running out of pink thread during the quilting of the final tree, I managed to finish all the quilting and it just needs a binding! Meeple Projects