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2022 Monthly Recap: November

November was all about small progress on lots of projects.  I took a good look at everything on my WIP list as I determined what I'm going to try and finish in 2022 and what goals I want to make for 2023.  I like to keep December open for fun sewing only - there's too much going on for tight sewing deadlines! Quilt Tally WIP List at beginning of month: 12 WIP List at end of month: 11 Untouched in 2022: 1 Active QAL Projects: 1 Quilts Finished Just My Type (May 2022) Meeple Pumpkin Quilt (Halloween) Quilts Started None! Quilt Progress (10 WIPs touched) Sew Place Like Home - The sweetest little Tin Man and his eight matching poppy blocks are done.  I used seven different gray solids to sew him together and had tons more that didn't make the cut, but his heart patterned with tiny numbers is my favorite part! Black and White Kinship  - Eight more blocks made this month, and all 100 are done!  Sewing these together is on m

November UFO Sightings

One of my 2022 goals was to touch every single one of my WIPs*.  The year is almost over and I was five projects away from this goal at the beginning of the month.  Some of them had been untouched for so long, they were practically at UFO status!  My November mission was to look at each of them at least once.  I'm going to go through them in the order I pulled them out. Rainbow Blossom (January 2019) My first untouched project was practically finished. It only needed two more text blocks, maybe a filler block, and a little bit of assembly. I already had the fabric picked out for the next block, so starting here was an easy decision.  I made my "twinkle" block and did a little assembly to set it in where the yellow fabric is laying in the photo above. I still need to make the "create" block and I'm stumped on which fabric to use.  Kristy also posted a teaser picture of one of her new patterns for the next

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and Happy Thursday to everyone else! When I made my Meeple colorblock quilt earlier this year, I accidentally sewed two of the green meeples on an orange background.  Since my vision for the quilt was one of each color combination, I immediately set the second block aside with the thought that maybe I'd make it into a Halloween pumpkin mini quilt. The idea stuck with me and for all of October I thought, "I should really make that pumpkin mini quilt", but I never made the time.  Finally, it was Halloween and sewing a Halloween-themed project sounded like a fun way to celebrate!  I made my pumpkin mini and took a staged picture of it that I loved. It took another week or so for it to be quilted and bound, at which point the pumpkins had been discarded and snow had arrived, leading to the indoor photo that leads this post.  It's also a fall pumpkin quilt now that works for both Halloween and Thanksgiving! There isn't a