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Pineapples Everywhere!

My favorite summer trend this year is definitely the pineapple!  They look fun and taste delicious!  When my best friend requested a pineapple table runner, how could I say no? It took two months for me to find the perfect pattern, but I finally decided on this one by Anneliese at Eye Candy Quilts .  I wasn't worried about it fitting into a sampler quilt, so I added an extra two rows to make my pineapples be a little taller.  This was also my first time doing an eight-sided quilt - I had a take a deep breath before I cut those corners off, but it ended up working out really well.  Only one corner was a little wonky when I finished and my husband assures me it's not all that noticeable.  Now it's time to cut up the prop pineapple and eat it!

Animal City Sampler

This beauty was from a massive quilt-along: sew all 100 blocks from Tula Pink's City Sampler Book in 100 days.  Starting on August 17, 2016 and ending on November 24, 2016, I sewed along with Angie at Gnome Angel and made one of these blocks daily. I decided I wanted to make my quilt scrappy but still have some cohesiveness, so I sewed each block with one animal novelty print and one solid.  This was easy at first, but there were days where it was a challenge!  I also used 100 distinct animal prints, which got a little touchy towards the end.  My "rule" was that I could use the same piece of fabric for multiple blocks as long as I was cutting different animals out each day. I finished strong, but wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the blocks, so I put them in a stack in a box and let them be.  But, then Angie started another round of the same quilt along challenge.  It seemed silly to make all the blocks again when I hadn't done anything with the

I Love Sushi Mini Quilt

I'm happy to announce that I Love Sushi! is now available as a stand-alone pattern! This pattern was inspired by the Valentine's Day gift that I made for my husband.  We regularly make sushi at home and two of my three sons requested a sushi restaurant for their most recent birthday dinners.  The preschool teachers were very impressed and jealous when my brand-new four-year-old told them where we were going for lunch that day! This pattern was originally published in Issue 16 of Make Modern magazine   (affiliate link)  - still available for purchase if you'd like the whole magazine!