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2020 Goal Recap: August

August was a slow month here on the blog, mostly because I spent my time working on only one project at a time.  When I wasn't working on quilt tops I was making masks and literally chasing waterfalls with my kids - we finally found one that they could walk behind and through! Goal #1: Get my WIP List Under 10 WIP List at beginning of month: 17 WIP List at end of month: 16 Untouched in 2020: 4 Active QAL Projects: 2 Kid Projects: 2 Quilts Finished Blueberry Jam (started June 2020) Quilts Started None! Quilt Progress (5 WIPs touched) Big Top - It's not finished, but it's much closer!  My goal for the month was to enlarge the top, baste it, and start the quilting.  However, after I made it bigger I got a little scared of the basting part and ended up sending it over to a friend with a long-arm to baste it for me.  She's still got it so I fell a little short, but I'm still linking up with Elm Street Quilts to show off the finished top because it's so awe

Blueberry Jam Quilt

Hello!  Today I am sharing my latest scrappy quilt - Blueberry Jam !  My son and I biked to the lake to get some nice pictures of it and the light ended up being funny - oops.  So just imagine we are standing closer to the lake and there aren't a bunch of trees between us and it.  The blues on the top of this quilt are completely scrappy and all from stash.  Some squares are cut from tiny scraps and only appear once and others are from larger pieces of fabric and appear multiple times, but I made sure no fabric touched itself when I sewed the blocks together.  I did buy the tan fabric ( Spectrastic in Sandstone ) that I used in the pinwheels. I could have pulled that from stash too, but I was putting in an order for something else and couldn't resist my current favorite basic.  Even the batting is scrappy - it's the off-cut piece from my  Sunshine Quilt  (I buy a 96" roll of batting and cut what I need for each project). The back of the quilt is a long hoarded piece of

One Quilty Goal - August

I finished the top for my most recent quilt-along this week.  It's actually the only thing I've worked on at all this week - very unusual if you follow me at all on here!  On Sunday, I watched Sleepless in Seattle and cut all the template pieces for the final fans, on Monday I finished the wedges, and then it took me four days to sew all the sashing in - it was tricky but I figured it out! My goal for this month is to keep the momentum going!  I want this to be a full-size quilt so I need to make one more row of wedges.  I also want to get it basted and start the quilting.  And that's where I'm going to stop with this goal.  Top finished, quilt basted, and quilting started.  I'm facing a fabric shortage (the third row wasn't part of my original plan!) and all my usual sources are out of the colors I used so I might need to get creative to finish this up. I'm linking my goal up with Elm Street Quilts . Pattern is available HERE if you'd like to make