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After the Slump

Last week I was riding high, working on a couple of different projects at once, when I hit the worst possible roadblock: not enough fabric for not one, but TWO of them.  Ugh.  I ordered it online, then pretty much ignored my sewing room because there was nothing else that I wanted to work on.  However, I'm happy to report that once the fabric arrived, I jumped right back in and was able to make some lovely finishes. First up is my Sugar Pop top, which was my goal for May .  This little baby quilt went together quickly and effortlessly - I'll talk more about it in its "finished" post.  For now, I'm linking this up at Elm Street Quilts . Next is this lovely Adori block that I made as a bonus to the 2019 Summer Sampler.  I wasn't a big fan of block number one, but this one makes me happy.  I'm enlarging the quilt so it fits our king-sized bed, which means I need at least three extra blocks. The other projects still aren't quite ready to be

One Quilty Goal - May

I've been on a hard-core "finish it up" streak lately - I haven't started a new project since February, which, to be perfectly honest, is forever for a quilter!  This all changed last week when I got my newest Sew Sampler box in the mail - there was a mini jelly roll of Pinkerville by Tula Pink and I couldn't resist diving into it, especially since I had a cut of Princess in Kona that matched perfectly! I realize it's not a great picture, but it's not very portable right now!  I'm currently working on quilting my Trinket quilt , but my goal for May is to get this pieced together too!  I am linking up my goal at Elm Street Quilts .