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2021 Monthly Recap: November

It's been a busy month on the blog!  I enjoyed writing my weekly quilt-along posts for the Bernie's Mittens Quilt-Along and seeing all different versions you made.  I finally shared my Zephyr quilt pattern and I hope you love it as much as I do!  If that's not enough, I also finished one of my oldest WIPs, a quilt I started back in April 2016.  It was a great way to end my sewing "year" - December is for small fun projects and lots of time baking holiday goodies in the kitchen. Quilt Tally WIP List at beginning of month: 13 WIP List at end of month: 12 Untouched in 2021: 3 Active QAL Projects: 2 Kid Projects: 2 Quilts Finished Sudoku Quilt (April 2016) Flannel Bernie aka the Quilt-Along version (October 2021) Quilts Started Christmas Zephyr - the third version of my new pattern mentioned in the intro above. I've been stashing Christmas prints for a long time without using them and seeing them all together in one quilt makes me so happy! It&

Introducing Zephyr: A Scrappy Pattern in Five Sizes!

 Today we are welcoming a new pattern to the BluePip Designs library.  Meet Zephyr !! Zephyr is a scrappy rail fence quilt, perfect for beginners.  Everything is pieced traditionally, and there's no sashing.  Much like Chalk Stars , it's just a clever illusion that the blocks are on-point!  Sets of rails come together to form pinwheel shapes that dance across the quilt top.  Zephyr was inspired by the many fat quarters that I buy impulsively, use a bit in scrappy projects, and then let sit for years.  If you don't have the same problem, the pattern is fat quarter friendly too (you'll just have a little bit left over from each)! I made the Pink Zephyr version first.  The gray background fabric and all of the pinks were pulled from my stash.  All of these pinks are no longer part of my stash and scrap drawer!  Because some of the pinwheels aren't complete, I was able to use multiple sizes of scraps in my quilt top.  There are even a few di

Bernie's Mittens QAL Week Five: Assembly

Welcome to Week 5 of the Bernie's Mittens Quilt-Along!  It's time to sew all those beautiful rows together! There are only a few places that need to line up perfectly when you are sewing your rows together, but consistency is key to making your finished quilt look polished.  First up are the pluses in the middle of the quilt.  I line these up by folding the white sections in half in opposite directions and finger-pressing the center of each. When I'm pinning, these two creases line up together.  Next, make sure the multi-colored pluses at the top of your quilt nest together in the center.  If you followed the pressing instructions in the pattern the seams will face in opposite directions to reduce bulk! Once those two spots are pinned together, you can pin the rest of the length together with as many pins as you want.  Repeat with the other side of the plus after you've sewn the first side together and you'll have your pluses made!  Even if you aren't really a p

Bernie's Mittens QAL Week Four: Stripe 1

 Welcome to Week 4 of the Bernie's Mittens Quilt-Along! One more week of sewing stripes!  These are the very easiest of the lot - the top sections are the same as last week and the center section is just a single piece of fabric!  Easy-peasy.  Once again, I started off by organizing my stripes into thirds. Then I sewed them together into the long stripes.  We've moved into winter weather here so I did another indoor photo - these skinny stripes are no match for the wind!  They look a little wonky here but it's just the weight and camera angle; in real life they are perfectly straight. And Week Four is done!  Next week I'll have a much longer post explaining how to join the stripes together.  I'd love to see your progress - tag me @bluepipdesigns on Instagram and use the hashtag #BerniesMittensQAL so everyone else can see it too! If you signed up for my newsletter, you saw one version of my newest pattern, Zephyr !  If not, I'll be posting it on social med

Sudoku Quilt

One of my 2021 quilt goals was to work on four old WIPs that weren't touched in 2020.  I started off strong, finishing the Gypsy Wife Sloth quilt back in February, but then got distracted by shiny new quilt patterns and didn't do anything with the goal in Q2 or Q3.  Today I'm happy to report that I have finished a second quilt off of that list, the Sudoku Quilt! I started this quilt way back in April 2016.  I decided I wanted to make it on a family vacation and even impulsively bought some backing fabric online when I was up in the middle of the night with a child who didn't want to sleep in a strange spot.  That fabric actually got used on the back of my Sparrow Party quilt and might be the reason that I finally pulled out the Sudoku blocks again to finish them up. The blocks came from a variety of places: testing out new rulers, books, things I saw on Instagram, random ideas for new patterns that I wanted to try out.  They all have a bit of orange in them because t

Bernie's Mittens QAL Week Three: Stripe 2

 Welcome to Week Three of the Bernie's Mittens Quilt-Along! We are sewing more stripes this week!   Last week I gave a detailed description of how I assembled my stripes, and this week the construction is the same.  Once again, I divided my stripes into thirds and sewed each section together first.  Remember all seams are pressed down this week! These stripes make up the centers of the pluses, so there are only four of them - twelve more short seams and Week Three is done!  This wall in my sewing room is just wide enough to hang all the stripes together.  The stripes aren't all that interesting on their own, but combined with the stripes made last week you can see how the center pluses will come together. I'd love to see your progress - tag me @bluepipdesigns on Instagram and use the hashtag #BerniesMittensQAL so everyone else can see it too!  Only one more sets of stripes to go - next week we are making the spacers that go between the pluses. ======================= To ge