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April Goal Complete!

Another successful month!  I finished up about 10 minutes before the kids got off the school bus and had my oldest take this rainy day porch picture when he got home: I struggled at times to find the "right" fabrics to make my ombre work, but it all came together in the end.  All the fabric (except for the solids) are by Alison Glass, who also designed the pattern.  I've got the backing fabric and a quilting plan - can't wait to get this one out of the sewing room and onto the couch! I am linking up my finish at Elm Street Quilts .

Easter Baskets

Where have I been all month?  Piecing  Trinket blocks , enjoying the warm spring days between the wet, blustery ones, and making Easter baskets for my kids! Every time I do something like this I remember that I like making flat things more than 3D things, but I love the finished baskets despite their quirks.  These were extra special because my oldest picked out all the fabric and notions that I used!  I had fun trying new quilt patterns on the insides as well.  The Minecraft bucket is just a simple block pattern, but the Pokemon one has Pokeballs and Picachus and the Harry Potter one has lightning bolts! Now we have a birthday to celebrate - the owner of that Minecraft basket is a brand-new nine-year-old as of today!

One Quilty Goal - April

April is here!  It's the month of birthdays and spring break and winter being over - pretty much the best month of the year!  I'm still in "finish-it-up" mode, so my goal this month is going back to Quilt Block Summer : time to finish up my Trinket quilt top!  I have not touched this since last September, and it was about halfway finished when I set it aside. In the past three weeks, I've sewn 15 more blocks for it as part of the Trinket sew-along on Instagram .  Today kicked off week four and here is my Instagram post from this morning, also featuring part of March's Rainbow Blossom sewing: The quilt is mostly Alison Glass fabric, but I do through in a few solids when I feel like it! I'm linking up my goal at Elm Street Quilts .