This quilt took a year to piece (with a 6-month stint in the UFO corner), a week to quilt, and then another month or so to actually photograph, but after a little adventure with my kids it is finally ready to be shared!

It took more discipline than I normally have to plan out all the colors so that the rainbow effect worked, but I am thrilled with how it turned out in the end.  All fabrics are Alison Glass - I love how the charcoal Insignia gives the empty squares just a little bit of movement.  After all that work, I didn't want to take away from the rainbow effect, so I just did diagonal line quilting - the diagonals through the corners match the colors of the blocks they are going through.  The "in between" lines match the color they are passing through as well.

The back is all Alison Glass as well, and also features the bonus block that was part of the sew-along.  The busy pattern is Collection in Ink and the binding is Path in Storm - both from the 2019 Sun Print collection.

I find it super interesting to see how different two quilts made from 100% Alison Glass fabric can look.  The only big difference between this one and my first one is the overall background color.

Luckily I love them both equally!


Danice G said…
Both are beautiful. Yes, amazing what just the background color can make. Your quilting is perfect as well.