2023 Monthly Recap: March

Welcome to my monthly recap of all the projects I worked on this month! I severely underestimated how much sewing time my pattern release and spring break would take away from me so it's a shorter list than normal, but sometimes that's just how it goes!

Quilt Tally
WIP List at beginning of month: 11
WIP List at end of month: 12
Untouched in 2023: 4
Active QAL Projects: 2

Quilts Finished
Fair Day (March 2023)

Quilts Started
Scrap Cabinet - I first saw the Scrap Snap pattern when I was linking up my January OMG finish, and it's been hanging out in my head ever since.  When I was cleaning up the sewing room after finishing my pin banner, I looked at the sewing machine, saw the red thread already threaded, and couldn't resist starting this project any longer.  I'm not going to share a picture right now, but the quilt is called "Scrap Cabinet" because I am restricting myself to ONLY use fabric that's already in the scrap cabinet.  No looking for odd charm squares or cutting into fat quarters.  A lot of the fabric in there has been there for a long time and I'm ready to clean it out for real!

Quilt Progress (5 WIPs touched)
Black and White Kinship - Is pin-basted.  Doing all the ironing to prepare for the basting is the worst part so I'm over the hump!  I'm planning on a simple meander for this and looking forward to having time to finish this up next month.

Under the Sea - I worked on two blocks this month because they were using the same fabric.  I change the thread color to match the fabric while paper piecing so it made sense to double up on the blocks.  I was also using printed fabric instead of solids, so I only had to get each one out once.  I thought that I'd be able to squeeze in a fish or a star as I took breaks from the pattern release, but it actually took me almost two weeks to finish these up.

Sew Place Like Home - I cut this one a little close (in fact, I still have to make the border blocks), but I'll be starting next month off with the next block - I even left everything out.  I can't believe there are only two blocks left.  This is such a fun quilt to sew!

Blocks made for my memory scrap quilt and leaders and enders quilt.

Miscellaneous Accomplishments
I finished two small projects from my sewing list this month. One was the pin banner, which has it's own blog post, and the other was a teddy bear repair job. I was able to darn the holes in his front, but the back was so far gone that the best solution was to cover the entire thing with a patch. I was making it up as I went along, but it turned out wonderfully - the teddy bear's owner is pleased as well and even made a stop motion video to commemorate it!

Next Month's Goal
My theme for April is going to be "Think Small!". I'm feeling a little burned out from finishing large quilts, so I'm going to focus on some smaller things that I want to get done: turning finished cross-stitch projects into finished pieces (there are eight of these in the pile), making an orphan block into a mini quilt, making a pair of mug rugs, and making a mini quilt based on my new pattern idea! My goal is to finish at least six items from my "Think Small" list and I'm linking it up with Elm Street Quilts and Stories from the Sewing Room.


Anne-Marie said…
As always, a fantastic set of projects. I like your quilt tally list. I'm a bit afraid of what my list would look like. :)
Susan said…
Six! Even small, that's a tall order. Best of luck. Love the flying monkey and the shark attack. =)