Bright Day: A Fair Day Variation

Hello!  I'm back today with another version of the brand-new Fair Day quilt pattern.  This version is called Bright Day because the two main colors are neon!

This is actually the first version of the quilt that I made.  It's a smaller baby-sized quilt because I was working off of my original rough draft and my quilt math was wrong.  I didn't even realize I had done my calculations on a 12-block layout until I was trying to lay everything out to match my mock-up.  I didn't have enough fabric to make four more blocks and my accent fabric didn't work with the other three colors, so this cute baby quilt is what I ended up with!  I do love these colors together so I have no regrets.  It's still adorable and will make some baby very happy one day!

The back of Bright Day comes from two other quilts: the Alice in Wonderland Challenger Quilt and the Wake Me Up Watermelon Quilt.  That makes three quilts in a row with a scrappy, scavenged back and I had almost forgot how fun it is to rummage around in my stash to find prints that work to finish off my projects (I've been using a lot of flannel and wide backs lately).  The quilting on this quilt is something that I've only done once before and it was so long ago that it predates the blog: a giant spiral.  My first attempt was a bit of a hot mess, with the lines of the spiral too close together and plenty of tucks in the back of the quilt, but this one turned out perfectly.  I've gotten a lot better at both basting and quilting since I made it back in 2015.  I purposely started this spiral off-center.  I did the center with my free-motion foot and switched to my walking foot once I hit the edge of the quilt and the curve became more gradual.  The binding on the quilt matches the background fabric.

You can read more about the Fair Day pattern here or purchase it in my Etsy shop.  If you make a quilt using the quilt pattern, either directly or just as inspiration, I'd love to see it.  I am a habitual quilt improvisor, and as you can see in this blog post, that extends to my own designs as well!